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After living in Toronto, a trailer for a new show called Underfunded on the USA Network looks quite funny:

Canadian Secret Service agent (yes, they have one too) on a mission: he’s out to get some respect. Caught between working with top US Intelligence officials and his budget-conscious boss back in Canada, Darryl finds himself solving world-threatening conspiracies on a small-time budget.

The trailer has gags on the agent having to ride the bus and still using dialup to access the internet. The show is related to some of the writers and producers for Monk, a show I quite like (and also set in another city I used to live – San Francisco).

Some other guy in some other DVD 15th Anniversary Edition is Mr. Black.

The Reservoir Dogs (15th Anniversary Edition) DVD is out.

Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition DVD

(Yes, it comes in a little, commemorative gasoline can.)
Included are:

  • Select Scene Audio Commentary
  • Pulp Factoids Viewer
  • Playing it Fast and Loose: A Documentary
  • Profiling Reservoir Dogs – Featurette
  • Tipping Guide
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Classic Interviews with Quentin Tarantino and others
  • K-Billy Sounds of the ’70s

Moyers on America . The Net @ Risk on PBS online

We like Bill Moyers here in Texas. We like him even more at the University of Texas. He’s got a program on PBS where each week he (and his surely wonderful research and production staff) overview topical issues you should know about.

So when Bill does a whole show on an issue that affects us like Net Neutrality we pay attention. We like it even better when there’s a great overview of the issue including the entire show online for you to watch: Moyers on America . The Net @ Risk.

If you’re reading this, Net Neutrality issues should concern you.

No, I’m not sure why I wrote this with the royal “we” perspective.