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Interesting statistics about the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions

The iTunes Store terms and conditions has about 17,637 words or about 26 generously large Web browser screen fulls. It has about 1744 unique words, 779 sentences, a lexical density of 16 percent and a readability score of 12.7 (which means it requires a greater than high school reading level, but not a law school graduate reading level).

Here’s a word cloud of the text from the fine people at Wordle:

GoogleBot vs iTunes Preview

Maybe Michael Bay should direct this next battle of the robot titans: Googlebot vs the Apple iTunes Web Servers – Dark of the Web?

It seems that as of today, the Apple iTunes Preview Web servers are not playing well with the googlebot. Take a look at the top three SERP descriptions for Angry Birds, one of the most popular iOS apps.

Google Search Engine Results Page for Angry Birds with useless description metadata

Maybe the Apple Webmasters need to get a plucky action hero to improve snippets with a meta description makeover.