The Houston Chronicle adapts (quickly)

AdamNation tells us this morning in downtown Houston, Texas a fire knocked out power in some places.

So today there is a fire in downtown Houston that has knocked out power throughout the city center. Does the staff pack it up and go home to watch Oprah? No. They run over to Starbuck’s with their laptops and start blogging on Movable Type to keep the US’ fourth largest metro up to date, smartly pointing domain to the main blog.

This is a wonderful and surprising reaction to what might you might normally think to be a slow-moving organization or centralized media distributor. Go Chronicle!

2 thoughts on “The Houston Chronicle adapts (quickly)

  1. Chip

    The Houston Chronicle does some mighty fine blogging. In particular, I’m thinking of Dwight Silverman’s stuff. He marries the view and ethos of a blogger with the skill and training of a journalist. I think his blogging on the wireless issue during the last legislature and Katrina last year were stand-out great.

    His blog is here:

  2. Prentiss Riddle

    Could their blog engine handle the load of all the traffic? That’s some capacity planning.

    (Or did I miss the point, and it wasn’t that the fire affected the servers, but rather that the writers and editors can’t access the Chron CMS from Starbucks?)

    Either way, yes, kudos to the quick footwork.

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