SXSW: Monkey Warfare's Don McKellar

The Austinist has a short, but interesting interview with Don McKellar about his new movie Monkey Warfare.

Don is a favorite writer-director-actor from Toronto. You’re a fool if you don’t watch some his work including:

  • The Red Violin: tracking a violin’s path through history with Samuel L. Jackson (but no snakes or planes), a child prodigy, a Chinese musician in the era of Cultural Revolution and a love-triangle including the violin itself.
  • Last Night: an unusual “end of the world” movie with a small role by David Cronenberg as a dedicated power company employee dealing with the destruction of the planet in the only way he knows how – by thanking all of his customers (how Canadian)
  • Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould : wonderful and insightful and you get to learn what Glenn Gould might eat for lunch.
  • Twitch City: which recently came out on DVD and captures slacker Toronto, in the Kingston Market area perfectly. Watch this now.

2 thoughts on “SXSW: Monkey Warfare's Don McKellar

  1. Dan Scott

    Don McKellar rocks! I remember seeing the production trucks with “Twitch City” being filmed a block or two away from my apartment and wondering what the heck that was all about… then I actually saw it. I contacted CBC a year or two ago to see if I could buy the series on DVD, but no dice. They don’t own the rights. Bad CBC.

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