Monthly Archives: February 2006

Information Architecture Happy Hour, tonight (Wed) at Club DeVille

If you’re in Austin Texas today, please do join us for another of our monthly happy hours to discuss all things IA including the upcoming IA Summit, ASIST, the IAI, the UT Austin iSchool and even the SXSW conference (when we’ll be having a great pre-SXSW party next month).

Where: Club DeVille, (voted best outdoor bar by Citysearch in 2005) 900 Red River St. Austin, TX

When: Wed. February 22, 5 – 7 pm

Using the Macintosh clipboard for text without formatting

I have been a Macintosh user for almost 15 years (give or take a lapse or two) and I have never wanted to copy and then paste text from one application to another with fonts, style or other formatting information. In order to work around this “feature”, I often have to keep a text editor open just to paste the text into it and then copy and paste it in the application document I originally intended.

There has got to be a better way.

I’m sure there are all manner of utilities that will clear the text formatting or an OSX Service that will do the same. What I’m asking is for is a way to make the system default not use the formatting information when I either use the Cut, Copy or Paste from the Edit menu, or more truly, when my long-trained muscle memory uses the keyboard for such a task.

I will be wonderfully happy if someone can point me to an application that can help. Even better, if there is some system setting that I can tweak that has been hidden from me all these years.