Monthly Archives: June 2007

True TV Show Titles

  • From Junky to Funky (“Sanford & Son” remake with J-Lo?)
  • Runway Moms (far less interesting than when I read it wrong and though it was “Runaway Moms”)
  • Medical Incredible (the crowdsourcing of diagnosing? who needs med school?)
  • Asia Squawk Box (probably a lot funnier when we were worried about Bird Flu)
  • Grow it & Mow it (is this a haircut show, gardening, or sponsored by HighTimes magazine?)
  • Nightly Business Report (not so funny, but I like that’s it airs at 5:30pm CST)
  • Look What I Did! (Oh, the horror.)
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • Buy Me (well, at least it’s honest)
  • Get Ripped in 90 Days (the “Grow it and Mow it” sequel?)
  • Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster (even Bigfoot has his own show?)
  • Dr. Phil (same thing as Bigfoot?)
  • Doppler Weather (probably the only reality show I’d watch)