Blanks on a Blank!

How do you beat Snakes on a Plane?

With Blanks on a Blank, the film making challenge here in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse. Check out the contest trailer too, it’s hilarious.

Note: the newest Snakes on a Plane theatrical trailer takes itself awfully seriously. I guess you can only run a joke so far, but seeing the joke played out (at length), in action, is all this movie may have going for it. It would be nice to see if they could push it even further.

1 thought on “Blanks on a Blank!

  1. George

    I just went to the site. You were right! I just laughed my a$$ of at ‘Camel on a Wheelchair’. I think that is the best one. I also liked tarantula on a hovercraft. I just voted ‘camels’ with 100 points. Those guys got mad skills!! I’m still laughing at those camels. Classic!

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