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Favorite Podcasts

I often mention something I have heard in a podcast and am asked what podcasts I listen to. Here is a list of my favorite podcasts, with a few comments.

NPR Podcasts (Media RSS)

Still in Beta, NPR is building an index of Podcasts, which you can sort by topic, title or provider.

Of course, regular RSS feeds are available as well. (Please, just put the link for both media player formats on the page for each broadcast, do we really need to go to another page just to select which streaming format? Thanks NPR!)

For the record, I still think “podcast” is a bad name for this media distribution method. Media RSS seems to be more descriptive (because eventually people will also have to say “video podcast” or somesuch and so on…).


Am I the only one who doesn’t care about podcasting?

Why would I want to HEAR posts from someone when I can skim them in seconds in my RSS reader? There are so many other interesting things to listen to and it’s not like most of our voices are sonorous enough for lengthy attention.