Second post with Ecto

This is my second post with Ecto, a very popular blogging tool for both Macintosh and Windows systems. So far I like the tool, but one thing is slowing me down. It either takes a very long time to upload photos, or it is trying to upload photos and there’s something wrong with Ecto, WordPress or my setup of either or both. (I don’t know if it truly takes a long time because I did a force quit to get Ecto to stop trying to upload the photos.)

Anyone know what I’m missing here? (And while I appreciate any answer that includes linking in pictures via Flickr instead, that’s not what I’m asking, but thanks.)

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One thought on “Second post with Ecto

  1. Adam Rice

    Did you set the path in Ecto for the photos on the server side? Dealing with pictures is a little bit hinky in Ecto: you drag the photo into the editing pane, click on the resulting link; this brings up another window where you customize the image’s params. The key param here is “destination” which should be relative to WP’s root; in my setup, all the pictures go to ~/content/

    On yours, images are apparently going to ~/wp-content/uploads/[yy]/[mm]/[dd]/ . Because the path is being generated on the WP side, I wonder if that is confusing Ecto. You can turn off the date hierarchy in WP, or you might in touch get with Adriaan

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