SXSW 2005 – Open Source Infrasturcture

I’m in the panel on Open Source infrastructures with Paul Martino from Tribe Network, Marc Canter from Broadband Mechanics and Matt Mullenweg who developed WordPress.

It’s all about micro-content (& servers for them).

Sharing micro-content interconnected together with People, Media, Events, Reviews, Tags, Recipes, Lists and Items. These are “islands of functionality” that should be inter-connected. (Canter)

Open Source standards – “nothing makes us happier” than people using data elsewhere. Craigslist doesn’t have full feed so you have to go back and visit the site (I must not be looking enough on craigslist, because I’m pretty sure I’m seeing the full feed.).

Tribecast – do we need another branded verb?

Uses FOAF, and let’s you edit the XML to expose its functionality and for re-purposing. You can migrate profiles from one site to another. Further steps for Canter’s digital-lifestyle-aggregator with OpenProfile on

Matt just asked if anyone is building something using open source infrastructures. Several people are talking about their ideas (which I can’t hear from the back row).